The new new blog

Welcome to the new I’m your host, Though the Salon column is a going concern, I’ll be using this site for some goodies and extras.

Exactly what that’ll be, well, we’ll just have to figure it out together. Maybe a few items that don’t quite rise to the level of Salon-worthiness, for completists only. Maybe the odd non-sports riff, though I’ve been told by Salon that I’m welcome to do that on the big site.

The first thing I plan to do is collect all of the books, movies and TV shows I’ve written about for Salon and create an archive of those stories. Almost all of them are about sports. Some are reviews, others are interviews.

We might be in pipe-dream country here but I’d also like to post short items about a lot of books and movies and TV shows I haven’t written about over the years, but would have liked to. I get a lot of these things sent to me and, considering I’m the world’s slowest reader who isn’t still actually sounding out the letters as I go, I don’t get to most of them before they’re old news.

So, Your home for old news!

Maybe. We’ll see. Suggestions welcome. In the meantime, I’m spending most of my very limited blog-related time trying to figure out how to use WordPress. Like, if someone could teach me, by talking to me like I’m an idiot, how to use my own image as a header, that would, as the kids say, be swell. I have some calls out …