King Kaufman’s funeral

I was interviewed on the Sirius Radio show “Under_Score With Sarah Meehan” Wednesday. Meehan’s a Canadian sports broadcaster who until recently co-hosted a radio and TV show called “Drive This!”

She said she wanted to talk to me on the first week of her new show after reading my farewell column, in which I’d talked about how these are exciting times, what with this whole new paradigm in journalism thing going on. She said she’d become a fan of the column in the previous few months because of my interest in some of the social issues that surround the games. “Under_Score” seems to view the sports world through a similar lens.

Meehan was exceedingly kind in her introduction of me — so kind that I joked that I felt like I was attending my own funeral. I wish I could say I lived up to my billing over the next 15 minutes or so, but I don’t think I did. Whenever I get done talking on the radio I always find myself hoping Hemingway’s iceberg theory had kicked in. I had all kinds of interesting thoughts going on there, and you should have somehow understood them by hearing the tip of the iceberg, the few dumb things I actually said.

Here’s a link to an MP3 of the interview, and here’s one to it on iTunes. And here’s the “Under_Score” page on the Hardcore Sports Web site. Check out the show. It sounds pretty good.

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  1. Nice interview… but I think you’re underselling yourself. You’re not so replaceable in my daily routine… “intelligent” sports writers seem to be few and far between. There are others but I can’t think of any that provide what you did on a daily basis. Particularly, I can’t think of any that take such a skeptical stance on traditional measures of success (There are the Bill Jameses, of the world, but they don’t have daily columns) and are willing to criticize the traditional media like you did (I like Deadspin and other blogs like it, but it can be a little sophmoric at times, and the writing is hit or miss). Having said that, any recommendations for writers that are your “style?”

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